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Welcome to Seametrey!

Seametrey Children’s Village offers a fully integrated bilingual nursery education and day care to children aged 1 to 6. Since September 2007, Seametrey Children’s Village has expanded to include a Khmer-English primary section. Children are accepted on a first come first served basis. The aim of the school is to make quality education accessible to all Khmer children.

Today, Seametrey is proud to welcome 91 children from 8 months to 23 years old of which more than half come from economically deprived family.



" A school where rich and poor children work together"

Social and cultural integration is the school policy. Students come from three different backgrounds and parents pay according to their income:

  • Expatriate parents pay full fees comparable to some international schools in Phnom Penh
  • Khmer middle class parents pay 50% of the school fees
  • Economically deprived families contribute what they can, in cash, in kind, or barter their service.

What does Seametrey stand for?

  • Se-rey pheap (Freedom as opposed to fear)
  • A-rey thos (Civilisation as opposed to barbarism)
  • Metrey-pheap (Love as opposed to selfishness and hatred)

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