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Welcome to Seametrey!

Seametrey Children’s Village offers a fully integrated bilingual nursery education and day care to children aged 1 to 6.

Since September 2007, Seametrey Children’s Village has expanded to include a Khmer-English primary section. Children are accepted on a first come first served basis. The aim of the school is to make quality education accessible to all Khmer children.

Today, Seametrey is proud to welcome 85 children from 2 years to 23 years old of which more than half come from economically deprived family.

"A school where rich and poor children work together"

Social and cultural integration is the school policy. Students come from three different backgrounds and parents pay according to their income:

- Expatriate parents pay full fees comparable to some international schools in Phnom Penh

- Khmer middle class parents pay 50% of the school fees

- Economically deprived families contribute what they can, in cash, in kind, or barter their service.

What does Seametrey stand for?

Se-rey pheap (Freedom as opposed to fear)

A-rey thos (Civilisation as opposed to barbarism)

Metrey-pheap (Love as opposed to selfishness and hatred)

"This year, the school reaches a turning point"

Seametrey Children’s Village is located in a rented house. The lease will come to an end in July 2015 and will not be renewed. 

We had two options, either close the school down or move away from the city as the rent in Phnom Penh is prohibitive. 

Besides we would like to give opportunities to rural children to access quality education too.

Muoy You happens to own a land 30km South of Phnom Penh. In Cambodia children go to schools near home. There will be no shortage of poor children joining the new school but it will be a challenge to get paying children. For the school sustainability and integration policy, the challenge will be hard to overcome but we are used to challenges and we will succeed. Unlike their peers in Phnom Penh, in villages outside Phnom Penh, education is very basic.

Please, take the time to read more information about our new project at Tonle Bati.