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Welcome to Seametrey!

Seametrey Children’s Village offers a fully integrated bilingual nursery and primary education. We are located by the beautiful lakeside of Tonle Bati.

The aim of the school is to make quality education accessible to all Khmer children. Starting out initially as only a nursery, Seametrey Children's Village now hosts many primary classes offering lessons in both Khmer and English as well as an excellent array of extra curricular activities. Our entrance policy for new students is defined on a first come first served basis. 

Seametrey Children's Village is an NGO school delivering free, quality education to those left behind by the expensive mainstream education system. The NGO is also striving to achieve a school site that's 100% ecological, environmentally friendly, self sufficient, fuelled through green energy and wholly self sustainable. As you'll hopefully see, not only with the school site but also Seametrey's mission, our entire philosophy is centred around Khmer tradition, with an international influence and a focus on modernity. 

More than half of our students come from economically deprived families. To find out more about the work Seametrey does to build a better future for the young generation of Cambodia and our mission, you can explore the site further and click here for our story. 

Throughout the week, our classrooms deliver quality education, free of charge to children from families living in the nearby rural villages who otherwise would not receive any form of education. We are proud to be a Khmer school with local Khmer teachers who work alongside the many volunteers that come work with us from around the world. Our school is a Montessori school. We enable and empower our children to drive and take charge of their own learning. This approach challenges old cultural beliefs and enables our children to aspire for a more prosperous life, it instills within our children ambition, confidence and self belief. Our staff and numerous volunteers, without whom our work would not be possible, help to deliver the national Cambodian syllabus following the Montessori pedagogy, with a unique international perspective.

At Seametrey we also teach our students the importance of human dignity, respect, rights and freedoms. We wish to nurture tomorrow's best minds, but also human beings that respect all, show kindness and love, champion human dignity and value education as a vehicle for prosperity. We also offer medical care, refuge and aid for many of the children and their families. 

"A school where rich and poor children work together"

What does Seametrey stand for?

Se-rey pheap (Freedom as opposed to fear)

A-rey thos (Civilisation as opposed to barbarism)

Metrey-pheap (Love as opposed to selfishness and hatred)

To find out more about Seametrey Children's Village and if you are interesting in becoming apart of our story, whether as a volunteer or a donation, please click here